Holiday De-Lights

At this time of year, no matter what culture or lineage, celebrations usually involve some version of making the...

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Staying Sane: Navigating the Holidays

Elena Skroznikova is a certified nutrition counselor, science-based health coach, and addiction survivor. Looking...

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Saladmaster Changes Life

Lisa Zapata and her son Zack want you to be healthy and happy. To that end, they offer free product demonstration...

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Choosing Paint Colors Using Feng Shui

Aelita Leto does not recommend that you google Feng Shui and paint colors. In fact, she does not recommend that her...

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Arana Celebrates 17 Years!

Seventeen years ago, we brought home a brand new baby, our daughter Sofia, and on the table waiting for us was our...

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Paint Is Elemental

Paint is elemental. It is, in essence, a creamy blend of all of the earth’s elements; minerals, resins, oils, clays....

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Arana Craftsman Painters Now Offers Wood Stains and Varnishes

Oakland, California - Arana Craftsman Painters has announced that the new service and said that it would cover various...

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Top 10 Home Interior Maintenance Tips for Summer

1. Clean your home’s lesser-considered interior spots. Wipe down baseboards, clean out closets and empty cabinets....

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