Concrete and brick can serve as beautiful structural elements of your home and landscape.

But concrete starts to break down over time as the surface wears away, becoming pockmarked and cracked. Sealing your concrete driveways, walkways and patios every five years protects them from cracking and needing replacement. Periodic re-sealing is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your investment in your home’s hard surfaces. And walkway and concrete repair revives and beautifies paths, patios and drives.

Brick, like concrete, requires periodic resealing. Like most of the surfaces of your home, it requires rehydration to retain its beauty. We can scrub, clean and reseal dirty and even blackened brick and stone to restore it to its former beauty.

Learn about how we Pressure Wash, Paint & Stain, Seal and Repair concrete and brick.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing can revive dirty concrete. It needs to be done correctly, or you will see the spray marks in the concrete. When we paint your home, we typically wash hardscape and brick elements to make sure they are refreshed along with the house.

Paint & Stain

For a color change you can paint or stain concrete. Previously painted concrete can only be re-painted for a fresh look. For unpainted concrete in good shape, stain can create interest and refresh the surface without masking the material beneath. Stained concrete requires less maintenance than painted concrete and complements a high-end landscape design or plays off the beauty of the main home. Don’t want color? Concrete that looks nice and is in good repair can be preserved with a clear sealer.


Concrete looks tough, but it can fall apart over time if it isn’t sealed. Sealing rehydrates concrete surfaces, preventing them from eroding, becoming pitted and porous. Keep your concrete in good repair with seal.


Concrete can be patched and repaired. We can seal up cracks from shifts and fill in missing parts to improve the look of concrete that has fallen apart. Concrete that has been patched requires painting for a clean, finished look.

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