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EPAAs professional painters, we here at Arana Craftsman Painters understand that customers demand and expect the best. These days, customers want more than just high quality paint. In the modern era home and business owners also want to see their preferred painters utilizing eco-friendly paints and even tools. Environmental responsibility is something Arana takes very seriously and goes to great lengths to provide environmentally safe services to all of its customers.


A Team Effort

Traveling – When the Arana team travels to its destinations it not only does so in fuel efficient vehicles but our team travels together and in as few vehicles as possible. In this way Arana strives to reduce pollution and the consumption of fossil fuels.

Tools Of The Trade – Arana utilizes a number of different tools in both its residential and commercial work. All of these tools are considered “green” and non toxic meaning they won’t have a negative impact on either the environment nor people.

Low VOC Paint – Being an environmentally conscience company, Arana Craftsman Painters uses only low VOC paints in its work. VOC or “volatile organic compound” levels vary from brand to brand and our team carefully selects and applies only those paints with the lowest levels. This also means that the “new paint” smell you’ve grown accustomed to smelling after a fresh coat is applied is dramatically reduced and in some cases, eliminated completely. The higher a paint’s VOC rating the greater number of harmful chemicals it contains, all of which are harmful to not only the environment but people as well.


A Team Effort

Unused Paints – “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” is a sound philosophy and one that many painters operate under. As such there are left over paints at every job a painter works. In an effort to be friendly to the environment, Arana never throws paint in the “normal” garbage. Instead excess paint is either given to local charities where it can be put to good use or simply stored away for future use.

Arana Craftsman Painters also has a thorough recycling program in place, both at its office and at every job site. We separate our pure refuse from those things that can be broken down and reused so that new materials and resources don’t have to be used in creating something.

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Our clients say

Laura Martin Bovard, Interior Designer, LMB Interiors

It’s hard not to stand on a rooftop and sing the praises of Catherine Baldi, principal of Arana Craftsman Painters. She’s sincere, authentic, professional, and kind. Their work is exquisite and clean. She and her staff always answer the phone, they fix anything on a job that ever goes wrong -- the need for which is rare because they are so good at what they do. She treats her employees like family; she brings people under her wing and grooms them and they stay with the company long-term. Over the years we have referred dozens of projects, interior and exterior paint and wallpaper jobs, and we look forward to referring dozens more.

Christopher Nelson

Arana's team was fantastic, we loved working with them. They did a great job with the house and wrapped up on time.

Dawn Thomas

Arana did a great job painting the outside of our house. They provided a competitive estimate, and provided a great team. Not only was the work done well, but they were also respectful and nice.

Michael Knott

My experience with the Arana team was amazing. From beginning to end the process was easy and smooth and the results were great. I handed them the keys to my house, left for 10 days and came home to a beautiful “new” home. Would definitely recommend, especially for an old (20’s era) Craftsman home that needed a fair amount of repairs and prep.

Kathryn Carroll

Arana Craftsman did a great job painting my bungalow house and back cottage. Great attention to detail, and easy to communicate with. They cleaned up every day. I get many compliments on the new paint job!

Why Choose Arana?

Arana Craftsman Painters adheres to high environmentally-friendly standards in order to provide its customers with a responsible service. We also strive to build long term relationships with our residential and commercial customers. Doing so allows us to build a rapport with our customers and foster trust in them. Customer service and satisfaction is of great importance to us; so much so that we guarantee our work for a period of 5 years.

Once a year for 5 years our team will revisit your home or place of business in order to inspect the integrity of its work. Should they find any bubbling, cracking, flaking, or peeling they will return immediately to remedy the problem. This happens at no additional cost to our customers as well.


So committed to customer service and your satisfaction are we that we guarantee all aspects of our work.

5 Year Guarantee – Our five year guarantee is a written guarantee that protects against peeling, bubbling, and cracking. This guarantee is valid for all Arana projects and comes complete with annual check-ins that allow us to look for issues and affirm our work. Should there be any issues with our work we will repair them at no additional cost to you.

Annual Home Check In – Once a year we will check in with you and your home in order to ensure that the integrity of our work remains intact. While at your home our painters will closely assess all of their work and provide recommendations for care and, if need be, repairs.

Warranty Repairs – In the unlikely event our work is compromised in any way, Arana will return to repair it free of charge. Moreover, we won’t make you wait exorbitant lengths of time for these repairs. There is no waiting list for customers in need as they are treated as priority number one. We therefore return promptly when problems with our work are discovered.

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