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Home owners associations, or HOA’s, establish and protect healthy housing communities by constructing standards that are meant to keep a specific neighborhood or area looking great. Public presentation being a big part of HOA’s and homeowners living within such a community will need to ensure that their home remains compliant with the standards set by its group’s leaders. This means of course that, at some point, families and individuals living within an association will need HOA painting services.

Arana Craftsman Painters have been servicing the Bay Area for years and regularly work with both homeowners associations and homeowners; restoring their homes and bringing them back up to standards. There are any number of painting services in our area but none can match our excellence and attention to detail. Moreover, our entire staff is comprised of artisans whom absolutely love what they do. When someone has a passion for their work the results they produce always stand apart from those of their contemporaries. At Arana, this passion is shared by everyone from our owners to the newest member of the team and our customers expectations are consistently exceeded.

Oakland Painting Experts at Arana Painting offer quality painting services for both the interior and exterior of your home or commercial building.

An Artists Approach

There exists many a painter whom simply does things by the book and carries out his work cold and robotically. At Arana we understand that our customers have high standards for their homes and that HOA’s may have even higher standards which is why every association home we paint is meticulously planned out in advance. When we first meet with a homeowner our staff will present them with color charts, color placement consulting, and test samples so that they can see what their choices will look like in reality. We listen intently to and incorporate the opinions, needs, and demands of homeowners and their associations so that the requirements of everyone are met.

Once work on a home begins we approach the job with the mindset of an artist. Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers expectations through punctilious and expressive craftsmanship. The homes we paint tend to stand out in their neighborhoods; their curb appeal receiving a huge boost as a result of our work.

Exterior House Painting

The exterior of a home says a great deal about not only the overall condition of a home but the owner(s) as well. A vibrant looking home with a great paint job will naturally catch the eye of not only those passing by but neighbors and potential buyers as well. For those living within a homeowners association, your home’s curb appeal, or lack thereof, will either draw negative attention to your home or keep your board members at bay. We have painted the exteriors of countless homes in our years of operation and have helped homeowners add new life and a vivaciousness to their homes.

Interior House Painting

While the exterior of a home catches the eye of those whom pass by and must meet the standards of an HOA, the interior of a home should reflect the personal tastes of its owners. Over time however tastes change, paint becomes sullied by stains and odors, or may begin to look dated after decades of service. Homeowners dealing with the aforementioned needn’t worry however as Arana’s unique approach to painting will return warmth to a home and even craft a new atmosphere for long standing homeowners as well as those moving into a previously owned home. We present homeowners with an opportunity to essentially remake, reimagine, and/or restore their homes through a fresh coat of interior house paint. As is the case with our exterior painting, our team will meet with homeowners and/or their interior design team and help them create something truly special for their dwelling.

Protecting Your Home

Although HOA’s tend to emphasize aesthetics over the actual health of its houses, the truth is that a home needs to be adequately protected against pests, weather, and time. Quality painting both on the inside and outside of a home offers such protection and can keep a home’s frame from warping, cracking, splintering, peeling, and will also dissuade pests such as termites from setting up shop. Even the highest quality of paints and workmanship degrade with the passage of time however and so a home’s paint must be refreshed at various points in time. Arana uses superlative paints that are capable of protecting a home for years at a time.

Five Year Guarantee

Arana places a heavy emphasis on quality of work and adheres to high standards of operation in order to continually deliver more than our customers expect. So confident in our work are we that we offer all of our customers a five year guarantee. This guarantee protects our customers against peeling, bubbling, and/or cracking paint. It matters now whether the affected paint is on the interior or exterior of a home, we will return to fix the affected areas immediately and do so free of charge. Additionally Arana will visit your home annually for a period of 5 years in order to inspect the integrity of its work.

Why Arana Craftsman Painters?

Arana prides itself on producing fantastic work and puts people first. Even in the case of working with an HOA, we strive to make certain that all voices, opinions, and concerns are heard. We value customer service and satisfaction as much we do artisanal and detailed house painting. Our guarantee says a great deal about both our confidence and the quality of our HOA painting services. Moreover our passion for painting means that our customers will receive beautified homes that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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