Arana's Bay Area Home Services Buyer's Guide 2023

Welcome to our list of trusted colleagues in the home services, contracting services, and building and remodeling...

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Honey Homes Simplifies the Handyman Relationship

As anyone lucky enough to find the right person knows, a really talented and trustworthy handyman can be hard to find!...

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Residential House Painting Tips

Painting a residential house is an important task that can give a fresh and vibrant look to your home. A fresh coat of...

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Organizing Tips for Your Home

These days, even the famous Marie Kondo admits that staying on top of clutter is a difficult job and sometimes it’s...

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Top Oakland House Painting Tips for DIY'ers

Many people attempt to paint their own homes. In fact, most people in Oakland, like the rest of the US, paint their own...

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Arana Craftsman Painters Welcomes Julie Feinstein Onboard As Business Development Manager

Oakland, CA – Julie Feinstein brings with her years of experience as a journalist, writer, photographer and teacher....

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Beautiful Books for Cozy Reading Nooks

A Holiday Gift Guide

There is something about a book; a real book that you hold in your hands: the texture of the...

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Rhapsody in Blue-Green: From Arana’s Portfolio

With this recent exterior paint job, performed by Arana Craftsman Painters, this lovely Oakland home went from...

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Press Release: Arana Craftsman Painters Featured In Oakland Magazine

Oakland Magazine features Arana Craftsman Painters: the article opens with ShannonBloemker meeting with the company...

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