Beautiful Books for Cozy Reading Nooks

A Holiday Gift Guide

There is something about a book; a real book that you hold in your hands: the texture of the...

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Rhapsody in Blue-Green: From Arana’s Portfolio

With this recent exterior paint job, performed by Arana Craftsman Painters, this lovely Oakland home went from...

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Press Release: Arana Craftsman Painters Featured In Oakland Magazine

Oakland Magazine features Arana Craftsman Painters: the article opens with ShannonBloemker meeting with the company...

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The 4P's of Superior House Painting — San Francisco Bay Area

Painting is as much about the process a painter uses as the painter themselves! At Arana Craftsman Painters, we leave...

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As Seen in Oakland Magazine: The Test of Time: Taking a Look at a LEED Platinum Home, Ten Years Later

Over a decade ago Arana Craftsman Painters had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Bloemker when we were subcontracted to...

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Cabinet Refinishing Process: Quick and Easy Kitchen Refresh

Cabinet painting is the easiest way to create a major change in your kitchen without demolition, dust, and downtime....

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Community Spotlight: Chabot Day Camp

For the past 10 years, Ernesto and I have been sending our kids to summer camp in one form or another via the Parks and...

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Kitchen Cabinets Refreshed — Examples from our Portfolio

What a Difference Paint Makes!

A question we get a lot at Arana is, “What can I do to refresh my kitchen, without going...

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Arana Restores an Iconic Floating Home in Alameda

Featuring a very personalized color palette...

Most people know about the “Painted Ladies,” the famed San Francisco...

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