Berkeley Painting 

All throughout Berkeley there exists any number of beautifully painted homes and businesses. Some of these are undoubtedly the work of Arana Craftsman Painters. As Berkeley painters we aim to beautify, protect, and restore every building we paint. Our approach differs from our competitors in that we look at every job first from an artisan’s point of view. While others will simply apply new paint to a home or commercial building, Arana pours its passion and sense of art into every job allowing it to craft the perfect paint, designs, and placement.

At Arana, we paint everything from small two bedrooms homes to very large commercial buildings. Moreover we apply paint to both the interiors and exteriors of the buildings at which we work. Arana works closely with both home/business owners as well as interior designers in order to produce exceptional results.

Residential Painting Services

It is a rare occasion when a homeowner thinks of paint as anything but “the color of their home”. What these same people are unaware of is that fresh paint applied to their homes is multi-purposed. Of course the aesthetics of paint is always going to be at the forefront of any paint related conversation but paint also protects a home’s structure by acting as a first line of defense against the elements and pests. Additionally, a new coat of paint can restore vibrancy and life to otherwise faded and dull looking finishes on homes.

Arana works with all manner of homeowners. From the young couple moving into their first home to long sitting homeowners readying their house for the market, Arana beautifies, protects and restores all it paints. Our team of experts will first meet with homeowners to get a feel for what they want in new paint. From there, our team will continue their consultation providing homeowners with color charts, placement suggestions, and the application of test samples. From here, our team goes to work on a home and in the process, revitalizes it and helps it stand out in its neighborhood.

Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting often requires an extra level of planning and care than does residential painting. This is because commercial buildings are designed for business and therefore must look attractive to customers both current and potential. Additionally, new paint must be applied in a way so as not to disrupt daily operations and business.

Arana Craftsman Painters has helped businesses of all types restore and even re-imagine the look of their business all throughout the Bay Area. Our team approaches a commercial job placing a heavy emphasis on every detail of a building. We are meticulous during the consultation phase so that business/building owners get not only exactly what they want but what their businesses need as well.

Arana is flexible in its work schedule so that businesses can continue to operate with little to no interference while new paint is applied to a professional location. We can paint during the day, overnight, and after traditional business hours have concluded so that we are never in the way.

The Craftsman’s Approach

There are a great many painting services out there that simply show up, apply paint, and leave. To their credit, many of these services do good work but its work devoid of passion. Arana Craftsman Painters are not only master painters but artists as well. Our artistic interpretation of colors and different buildings allows us to create something truly special for both our residential and commercial customers. Our entire staff is comprised of individuals whom all share a deep love and zeal for painting. They bring these things to the table at every job and work to give customers the very best in new paint.

The Arana Difference

As Berkeley painters, Arana Craftsman Painters prides itself on delivering paint that exceeds its customers expectations. Satisfaction and quality customer service are at the core of our business model which is why we back all of our work with a 5 year guarantee. This guarantee sees our team return to your home or place of business to inspect the integrity of its work. Should they detect any bubbling, cracking, or peeling, they will return immediately to re-paint the affected areas. All this happens at no additional cost to our customers. At Arana, we aren’t happy unless our customers are.

Arana Craftsman Painters services San Leandro, Oakland, Piedmont, Alameda, Berkeley, Orinda, Lafeyette, Moraga, and the entire San Francisco Bay Area!

Berkeley Painting FAQ

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House in Berkeley, CA? Cost depends on the following things – not an exhaustive list of factors:

  1. Condition of the existing paint on your home – Is your paint peeling, bubbling and cracking on more than 30% of the surface?

  2. What kind of windows do you have?

  3. How many doors you have?

  4. Do you see any rotten wood on the window frames, door frames, eaves, fascia or other wood trim elements? If so, that paint must be scraped and sanded. The rotted areas must be filled with a wood epoxy, the house has to be primed and gaps at the corners of windows or where 2 wood surfaces might meet have to be caulked.

  5. The age of your home.

  6. How many stories your home is.

  7. What type of access your home has. Is your neighbor really close is you?

  8. The type of material your home is built with (stucco, wood siding, cedar shingles)

  9. Does your home need paint or stain?

  10. What type of paint ou choose.

Example pricing can include:

In the Berkeley, CA area exterior painting on a 2500 square foot, 1 story with 30% or less peeling paint with double hung wood windows could cost $7000 - $8000 dollars (conditions vary and call to get an exact estimate).
In the Berkeley, CA area exterior painting on a on a 2500 square foot covered with Siding (horizontal) and 30% or less peeling paint and double hung wood windows would cost $8000 - $10000 - (conditions vary and call to get an exact estimate)

What Do Most Berkeley Painters Charge Hourly?

Painting companies have multiple costs that make up their hourly rate. Such as: How much they pay their painters hourly, plus payroll taxes, plus benefits such as health insurance, cost of training, gas and tool cost allowances, uniforms, worker’s comp and other overhead costs. Some painters include a standard cost of materials in their hourly rate. The hourly rate a painter charges also depends on the number of painters a company has on its staff and the types of projects they do, be it residasqwsential or commercial. Some rates depend on the skill level of the staff, how much experience they have and how long they have been with the Company. In the San Francisco Bay Area, a residential house painting company with a crew of 16 – 20 painters may charge an hourly rate that includes all of the above and a basic cost for material of about $100 per hour.

How Much Do Berkeley Painters Charge Per Square Foot?

It depends on what type of project it is. For an interior remodel/new construction that is basic without any extra trim or crown and regular doors and windows, $13/square foot of the floor square footage is the norm. (prices vary depending on circumstances – call to get your customized quote.)   For an interior repaint of a home with basic trim and not a lot of furniture or heavy items to move, $10/square foot. (prices vary depending on circumstances – call to get your customized quote.)  


Our clients say

Our clients say

"We implement the painting portion of the Design Vision without getting in the way of the Designer Typically our designer clients do not want to answer repetitive questions concerning the project when they to be can out spec’ing furniture. Usually these Designers have been surprised by the poor quality of finish or have had an inexperienced painter damage flooring or furnishings.

Or even worse, create a problem they’re unwilling to go back and fix or not address a problem that came up later. Have you ever had a painter who said they could finish when you needed them to and didn’t?"