Stains and varnishes celebrate the grain and color undertones in your wood surfaces.

Interior elements (from beams and mantels to stair risers, balusters and balustrades, doors and windows) and exterior elements (shingles, decks, sidings, doors and windows) can all be stained to reveal the beauty of the natural elements that make up your home.

Learn about how we Restore, Stain and Varnish, Pressure Wash and Weatherproof wood surfaces .



Restoration gives the wood elements of your home’s interior new life and beauty. Whether on wood windows, interior Craftsman trim or exterior decorative wood details, we strip the material back down to the grain to see what can be saved.

Wood restoration is a precise and labor-intensive process, involving the use of materials to halt wood rot and fillers to repair damage. It can cost more than traditional preparation processes, but will save you thousands in replacement costs. Restoration is also critical for environmental sustainability.

Bay Area homes are often built with high-quality wood from the original, old-growth forests of this area. Restoration gives that high-density wood new life and beauty.


Wood has colorful undertones. But like a stone whose color you can’t see until it gets wet, wood stays dull and dry until stain and varnish bring those characteristics to light. Stain and varnish hydrate the wood, highlighting wood’s natural color and encouraging it to reflect its natural beauty.

Pressure Wash

Pressure-washing decks & fences makes them shine!

Pressure washing is also an important element of surface preparation. It cleans off the years of grime, mildew and accumulated dust to ensure proper adhesion of the material to be applied (primer and paint).


Here in the Bay Area, where homes move a lot, sealing, caulking and patching cracks and breaks in the materials substrate prevents water from getting in and damaging your home.

Wood trim and stucco don’t bond well with each other. The place where they meet is a common place to find surface cracks, breaks in the surface that allow water to enter your walls. For stucco homes, you can be suffering with wood rot years before you actually know it. That’s why it’s important not to let cracks in stucco go untreated.
The same is true for cracking or peeling wood: let it go and you’ll end up with rot.

We seal, caulk and patch cracking and peeling surfaces to protect them from the weather and its inevitable consequences.