Paint is essential. Paint is elemental.

With so much emphasis placed on residential house painting, commercial painting often goes overlooked. While Arana Craftsman Painters has helped breath new life into homes at the residential/private level, we also work regularly with business entities and persons. When working with landlords, property management companies, commercial building owners, and the like, we utilize the same artisanal approach found in our residential work. A commercial building, be it a home, apartment building, or retail store deserves the same attention to detail and the same care our residential project receive.

A clean impressive coat of paint says a lot about a business, can establish a tone for customers, and make businesses of all types easily identifiable. Moreover, commercial structures endure the same types of wear and tear that residences do and so they must occasionally be repainted in order to remain looking attractive to customers and hold onto their professional airs. Arana Craftsman Painters is committed to excellence in restoring old surfaces and protecting commercial structures through alluring paint.

Oakland Painting Experts at Arana Painting offer quality painting services for both the interior and exterior of your home or commercial building.

An Essential Part Of Your Business

Commercial buildings need to not only look clean and professional but they must stand out and be instantly recognizable by customers both current and potential. At Arana we work closely with business owners, building contractors, and designers to create something special for your commercial building. Whether it’s a simple solid color or something vastly more complex and detailed your building is in good hands. Our talented and experienced staff will help you create something that is both beautiful and accurately represents your business.

Beauty And Protection

Very few think of it and even fewer talk about it but paint functions as much more than a cosmetic element on a commercial building. Paint is your building’s first line of defense against weather, warping, rot, mold, splintering, and even pests. As paint on commercial buildings ages over years and decades it eventually begins to not only lose it’s vibrancy but can peel and crack away which exposes the frame of your building to all of the aforementioned problems. At Arana we apply the very best qualities of paint to your building so that it remains protected for years at a time.

Hiring An Artist, Not Just A Painter

Some professional painters are just that…painters. Others, like our entire staff are artists and approach their work with an eye for fine detail and real passion for the work they do. Make no mistake about it, there are some fine professional painters who do things by the number and produce good results but love and passion shine through in all forms of art. The difference is noticeable in everything from our approach to unparalleled customer service to our designs and quality of work.

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