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The first impression is what counts

Your office is the place where your business resides and it therefore stands to reason that you want your office to remain in an impressive state. There is a great deal that goes into making the perfect office, but freshly painted surfaces sits atop this very important list. While people are a bit more forgiving privately, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression in business. The right paint, both inside and outside your office, will help craft a strong, warm, and professional impression that can foster new business and bolster confidence in existing clients/customers. The right paint can also add vibrancy to a professional work space and boost employee morale. With our staff of talented artisans, we hope you’ll allow us to help you create a stylish, fashionable, and professional look for your business office.


Our Approach To Painting

The painting industry is full of professionals who work without passion and are simply going through the motions on auto-pilot. At Arana our passion and love for painting is what guides our hands. Our entire staff is comprised of individuals driven to deliver exceptional results by their passion for the art of painting. We are all artisans at Arana and our attention to detail and ardent approach to painting are evident in all of the work we do. We also understand just how important your office is to your business, its employees, and customers which is why we work closely with you to craft the right look and feel for your professional space.

Environmentally Responsible Painting for Commercial Spaces

At Arana exceeding your expectations isn’t enough. There are a great deal of dangerous and toxic paints out there. These paints can be hazardous both for the environment as well as for your employees which is why we never use any of them in our work. The paints we utilize when we work on your office are non-toxic and low impact. Moreover, the tools we use when painting an office are all recyclable. Our commitment to excellence begins with the highest quality of work, and ends with care for the environment, both of which immediately surrounds you and the larger world.


Working With Contractors

There are those customers who require much more than new paint in the office they are moving into. Many business owners require new flooring, carpeting, countertops, electrical wiring, etc. Arana has great experience in working with interior designers and all types of building contractors. We follow seriously a proactive approach to planning and communicating. The communication issues that are often present when multiple contractors work together on a project are nonexistent when you work with us. Our vast experience working with contractors of all types allows us to communicate efficiently with the rest of your design team which in turn means no delays and no problems.

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Our clients say

Laura Martin Bovard

It’s hard not to stand on a rooftop and sing the praises of Catherine Baldi, principal of Arana Craftsman Painters. She’s sincere, authentic, professional, and kind. Their work is exquisite and clean. She and her staff always answer the phone, they fix anything on a job that ever goes wrong -- the need for which is rare because they are so good at what they do. She treats her employees like family; she brings people under her wing and grooms them and they stay with the company long-term. Over the years we have referred dozens of projects, interior and exterior paint and wallpaper jobs, and we look forward to referring dozens more.

Linda Millard

Ernesto and Catherine are running a top-rate painting business in the east bay - quality painting, great customer service and attention to detail. They did a beautiful job on our home; I recommend them highly.

Serina Johnson

Thank you for the absolutely terrific job from start to finish. We couldn’t be happier with the transformation you guys performed on the old – peeling paint. Everyone was friendly, professional & qualified, just like your references all said.

Kathryn Carroll

Arana Craftsman did a great job painting my bungalow house and back cottage. Great attention to detail, and easy to communicate with. They cleaned up every day. I get many compliments on the new paint job!

Michael Knott

My experience with the Arana team was amazing. From beginning to end the process was easy and smooth and the results were great. I handed them the keys to my house, left for 10 days and came home to a beautiful “new” home. Would definitely recommend, especially for an old (20’s era) Craftsman home that needed a fair amount of repairs and prep.

Why Choose Arana?

Your business’ office is of the utmost importance. We begin each new project with a consultation to learn everything needed for a successful painting project. During this primary phase, our team will discuss with you which types of colors and designs will work best for your particular office space. We also listen to and then incorporate your input in our plan so as to ensure you get exactly the paint, design, and style you want. Our experts will present you with color charts to assist with choosing colors that best fit your business. We will then discuss with you where your selections might work best within your place of operation. Lastly, we present you with color samples so that you can see what your choices will look like in real time and within the walls of your office.

Five Year Guarantee

Arana's painting process is the highest quality in the Bay Area. We're so confident in our work that we offer a 5 year guarantee to our customers. This guarantee means we'll be reaching out to you for annual check ins for a 5 year period. If we identify any bubbling or peeling we will return  and restore the integrity of our work at no additional cost.

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