Piedmont House Painting Project

By Arana Craftsman Painters
It is EASY being green... It's just not easy CHOOSING green

We think this palette is divine!!!👏 Great work on the part of the Designer, Leela Willow.
The color on the garage door is just a pleasure for the eyes!

 PROJECT DETAILS: Spray application done by our Craftsman Painter Julio Cadenas on this gorgeous custom garage door. Part of a ground-up addition to a rustic former hunting lodge in the Piedmont Hills.

GARAGE DOOR COLOR: Rainy Afternoon 1575, Benjamin Moore in Satin finish

NOTE: While we love Satin for the way that it can render any minor variations in the underlying surface less visible, as well as for its muted sheen, we generally recommend Semi Gloss -- which is a bit shinier, yes, but also more durable -- for any exterior wood surfaces.


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