Then and Now: Buestad Builds an Alameda Civic Gem

By Julie Feinstein Adams

Based in Alameda, Buestad Construction has proudly contributed to the growth of local community resources for 75 years. This work included building a new Alameda Public Golf Clubhouse in 1958.

In the striking facility, “natural building materials were left exposed” which “not only reduced construction costs but achieved an eye-pleasing design” says the vintage case study (see image of original document).

corica park historyWe recently stopped by the busy and thriving golf course, now named Corica Park. The building is clearly still serving the community (see our photos) and many of the original architectural elements are still beautifully present, albeit with some alterations to the interiors over time.

More about the golf course:

Corica Park-2648


Corica Park-2656


Corica Park-2657

We can also report that the Reuben sandwich at Jim’s on the Course is super tasty.

Arana has proudly partnered with Buestad on their projects and are happy to highlight them as a featured industry colleague! 

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