Save Some Green with a Kitchen Cabinet Repaint

By Arana Craftsman Painters

After several years of living in that beautiful home of yours, the natural processes of wear and tear have taken a toll on some of the fixtures inside your home. Chief among these is the cabinets in your kitchen, they’re literally an eyesore, what with the discolorations and the general lack of interest they add to your kitchen. It’s time for a change.

That change though will usually mean you have to spend some green, to get some new green into your kitchen. You could surely do something else with that green; probably reinvest it in your 401 (K) or other useful venture. With that money saved, a forest somewhere doesn’t have to lose a beloved member of the community of oxygen providers for the planet.

What’s the solution? Repainting your old cabinet and giving it a new lease on life. But why would that be better than, say, refacing, or even replacing them?

Benefits of repainting the cabinet

1. Economical

The main point of repainting your cabinets is to save you some serious green, as well as keep the oxygen makers right in the place where they’re needed most. Replacing the cabinets requires a lot of wood that as you know, costs a pretty penny. Aside from this, the accessories that go with it are also quite expensive.

A team of professionals who will assess your cabinets and then come up with a plan to clean, sand down, and then repaint them, and repaint the surrounding features, is actually a fraction of the cost of refacing and replacement.

2. Convenience

Your home is usually the place where you feel most at ease after a long day of work. Imagine having to be without it for several weeks. That’s exactly what happens when a replacement of kitchen cabinets is going on. You will lose the ability to use your kitchen for a minimum of three weeks. Depending on the amount of work needed to be done, this period can increase to over eight weeks.

Repainting is the most convenient and least time-consuming option. In one week, you have a gleaming kitchen in colors and patterns of your choice, ready for you to use.

3. Face Lift.

Ever had to work in an environment that wasn’t in the least bit appealing? Yes, that’s the same environment that has developed in your own kitchen. A drab, discolored, and worn kitchen will just suck the life out of the activities you undertake in the kitchen. A spot of repainting the cabinets will help inject life back into not only the cabinets but the kitchen as a whole.

From the improved look to the freshness that the repainting will add, your kitchen will become lively, and an excellent place to have a discussion with your spouse or child while you work. The beauty and the magic of the spruced-up kitchen will make the heavy conversations easier to tolerate.

If your kitchen cabinets don’t need to be completely broken down for a new one, then a repaint is the only thing you will need to inject life into the once drab kitchen.

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