The 3C's of a Superior House Painting Process - San Francisco Bay Area

By Catherine Baldi, Principal, Arana Craftsman Painters
These are our “3C’s” of a successful project process and the key to why people love working with Arana Craftsman Painters!

At Arana Craftsman Painters, we leave little to chance because we follow a tried-and-true set of steps.

This is Part 2 in our series (Part 1 can be found here) and Part 3 is here) sharing the Arana Craftsman Painters' philosophy which we fondly call The Craftsman Way. The philosophy behind the crucial process steps we take on every project is our “secret sauce” so to speak and it has allowed us to consistently build a reputation of reliability, exceptional quality and professionalism over the last 17 years.

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The steps to exceptional painting include:
  • The "3C's", more on that below!!

  • Protecting your home and environment (family, pets, surrounding surfaces, furnishings, valuables, all areas not scheduled for paint)

  • Scraping/sanding to remove old layers of  paint that will negatively impact the integrity of your new paint at a standard that meets our 5 Year Warranty

    Five Year Warranty
  • Thorough cleaning of the surfaces scheduled for work to remove any contaminants

  • Priming, Caulking and Patching       

  • Exceptional Painting


We invest heavily in all the correct tools and materials and use quality plastic, drop cloths, paper, and tape to protect the surfaces of your home and environment that are not scheduled to be painted.

Paint will not adhere properly without expert preparation. Proper preparation is the cornerstone of exceptional quality.

We sand, scrape, and prime as appropriate to ensure proper adhesion. We contain particulate and dust exposure per Environmental Protection Agency safety standards and Arana Craftsman Painters is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Contractor.   EPA Lead-Safe Firm

For the safety of everyone involved, are all the painting contractors you have bidding on your project EPA Lead-Safe Certified?

After primer is applied, we patch, caulk and fill for aesthetic and in some cases sealing purposes or to prevent water incursion.

Painting the Finish
We employ highly skilled craftsmen, use quality materials and utilize a consistent and proven method. We apply paint to uniformly and completely coat your surfaces with the appropriate amount of material and paint thickness. The results are stunning and durable.

Clean Up

Prep and Color Consult

We set up a neat and organized area for our equipment, tools, and products, a home base, where we can safely and efficiently manage your project. Every day, we tidy up the work-site to minimally disturb your environment and to contain construction debris. 


  1. Pre Job Walkthrough: Our Production
    Manager and Estimator will meet with you prior to the scheduled project start date to confirm start date, scope, sequencing, and colors. Essentially all expectations are reconfirmed to assure smooth handoff between our Estimator and our Production Department. Proper communication is the key to exceptional quality and you having a great painting experience. At this point when we arrive at your project, our Crew Leader and Crew have a solid plan as to what processes will take place first and in what areas.
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  2. Color Consultation: Arana Craftsman Painters works with top San Francisco Bay Area Color Consultants. The option of a color consult is included in our bid. Having colors chosen ahead of time makes your life so much easier. We'll put up swatches (a.k.a. "Brush outs") so you can see the colors in real life and make an informed decision.
  3. Scheduling & Logistics: Our dedicated Service Manager will connect with you to handle scheduling and job logistics; the Crew Leader assigned to your project can answer your questions about daily activity; Our Production Manager stops in and assists the Crew Leader in planning; Our Estimator is standing by should any questions about the work order arise and Office Coordinator will send invoices at the completion of each phase of the project. Throughout the duration of your project, we listen and address any concerns promptly and thoroughly
  4. Daily Onsite Management: In addition to a dedicated Production Manager, every project has a dedicated Crew Leader who works closely with you, our Production Manager and our office to assure timely resolution to any challenges that arise, scope changes, quality control, sequencing and assuring you have an amazing painting experience!

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