Exterior House Colors 2020

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Your home is a reflection of you. It is where to go to hang your hat after a long day. It should be warm and inviting to you.  Though it isn't some beauty contest, should make your home up the way you want it. However, there are some trends happening since we all went on lock down.

2020 certainly has been a year we will all remember.  Despite this crazy year, there are people that are taking this extra time home to make improvements to their home. Changing the appearance of your home and updating your abode is a wonderful feeling. Let's take a look at the exterior house colors that are trending today.

White With Black Accents

White is a color choice that was once one of the most popular.  However, in recent years it has been replaced with grays and other color options. However in the year 2020 it has made a comeback and remains strong. This is especially true for those homes decked out in white with black accents.  Typically these white with black accents have a splash of natural wood thrown in there as well as window coverings.  There are small overhangs above the doors and windows that are black in nature as well.

Warm Natural Colors

Warm natural colors such as beige with an accent of light green or yellow are another great 2020 color option.  Going back to the colors of nature and blending in with the surroundings is completely opposite to the aforementioned white with black option.  Moreover it is also trending these days so homes with this scheme look modern. While this was popular in the 1970s, the 2020 version is a bit upgraded with matching cobblestone fronts and stamped cement drives.

Dark Exterior Colors

While the number one trend of 2020 is white with a dark accent.  There is the polar opposite as well.  Dark siding is something that couldn't be done for many years due to the engineering needed.  Dark siding will soak up the sun's heat more, and in past years, would buckle and expand too much to be a good option.  However, in recent years, they have improved the building materials and dark siding has become an option that many have come to appreciate.  While the white homes with dark accents are popular, you don't want your home to look like every home on the street.  So, homeowners are going with some of these dark color options.

Your home is a reflection of you. If you are one that likes to stand out and be noticed, take a look around your street and see what is trending in your area.  Then, do the opposite.  This is why we feel that there are white homes or dark homes as people try to make their homes unique to them as well as their area.  Finding what fits your home's design is important as well.  Some homes will look much smaller if done in a dark color.  So, keep the size and shape of your home in mind as well.  If you aren't sure about what direction to go in, contact a contractor and exterior designer that can help you come up with some ideas.


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