I Love What I Do

Even though I am not a Bay Area native, I may as well be. I visited from the East Coast in 1984 and never looked back. The Oakland/East Bay hills, San Francisco and Alameda are a Painter’s paradise, and it is here that I found the ability to work year-round doing what I love. And hey, how about the Warriors after all these years! I [...]


We’ve Only Just Begun

I have always loved new beginnings just as much as I love consistency and tradition. This year marks 14 years as a Company and 14 years of assisting Bay Area homeowners in their greatest effort. Each year our team grows a little bigger and a lot stronger and we get to be even better at the level of service we provide. Some of our biggest [...]


Support For At-Risk Young Girls

I have given to many a good organization throughout my lifetime, but none has inspired me more than the fight to protect vulnerable young girls. You have no doubt heard that there is a rise in the number of stories about missing and exploited youth. In fact, according to UNICEF 1.2 million children worldwide are being trafficked each year and Oakland is considered one of [...]


Love of the East Bay, Love of Homes

I love the East Bay! I moved from San Francisco to Oakland 20 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. When I’m not working, you can find me running one of the many trails in the East Bay Regional Park System, visiting the Oakland Museum’s latest exhibit or meandering around West Oakland, on the hunt for new public art. Helping people decide how to [...]



August is such a special time of year; summer is in full swing, there are countless events and festivals taking place, and it also marks the 6th birthday for my dog, and Arana’s unofficial mascot, a French Bulldog named Buddy. After traveling for the better part of a year, working remotely, and being away from my furry, life co-pilot, I am so glad to be [...]


A Summer of Celebrations

Summer 2017 marks several milestones in our Family. Ernesto and I celebrate 14 years of marriage, our eldest daughter Sofia turns 13 and our Company which has grown right along with her also turns 13! Teenagers are now ruling our household with summer sleepovers, slime making sessions and late-night dance parties. Childhood is relived again and again with them and as they begin to find [...]


Three Exterior Paint Failures that should be treated immediately. Save money by avoiding expensive repairs.

Does Your Home Have Any of These Exterior Paint Failures? Save money by avoiding expensive repairs. 1.Wood cracking and separation - Here we see separation between the stucco and wood window sill and cracking in the wood window sill itself. Of all the types of failure, this is the most common and can lead to larger, more costlier repairs. The best approach to remedy this [...]


To Shine or Not to Shine: Picking Paint Sheens

So you’re sure that you want that semi gloss luster on the plaster walls of your 1900’s Victorian? What about that flat you want to put on your living room walls where your children play and spend most of their time? We’d recommend a definitive “no” to both of these questions. The semi gloss will potentially work on uniform surface, but most likely your textured plaster [...]


What should my house painting quote include?

If you're looking for San Francisco Bay area residential painting contractors to give you a proposal for a painting project, you're in for quite an experience! Every painting contractor has their own way of doing a job and getting house-painting quotes can be pretty confusing! Many contractors will say that certain things are included, but will not put it in writing. Feel free to use [...]