Craftsman Painter’s Approach

From initial preparation to the final on-site review, Arana is known for our attention to detail and our commitment to the craft of painting.

We make sure to scrape, sand, spot-prime, pressure-wash, and apply a full coat of primer to ensure outstanding preparation. That’s all before the first coat of paint!

Our 60+ years of painting experience gives us a thorough understanding of how to create a beautiful home. We use time-tested methods for handling problem areas and to create beautiful surfaces that will delight the eye. Your satisfaction is our priority. We want every client to have the pleasure of a beautifully painted home for years.

Arana’s Services

Arana is a family-owned business and veterans in the painting industry. We develop a lasting relationship with our clients, beginning with a professional consultation, and solidified by quality checks at every stage of the painting process. We provide a five-year guarantee, warranty repairs, and annual home inspections, always making sure to put your needs first.

For every project, no matter how large or small, we follow the same basic process:

From residential repaints to custom home building and remodeling, we prepare and paint walls, ceilings, trim, doors, and windows. Specializing in Craftsman, Victorian and Decorative Trim restoration, we use spraying and hand-painting techniques that will transform your interior. We make your kitchen, dining room, living room and bedrooms look spectacular and stay that way.


We want you to feel proud of your home’s exterior. We prepare and paint stucco, wood and aluminum siding, as well as shingles, wood and trim elements.

We provide professional color consultation for both interior and exterior painting. Our professional color consultant will provide color charts, help with color placement, and apply chosen samples until a final decision has been reached.

We apply a customized stain to new and existing wood elements on interior and exterior surfaces.

We offer tidy removal of wallpaper and create a smooth and beautiful surface through patching and skim coat.

We expertly install grass cloth, vinyl, industrial materials, foil, and other various types of wallcovering. Our wallpaper hanger has 30+ years of experience in paper hanging.

Additional Services

  • Plaster & drywall repair for beautiful, smooth surfaces
  • Caulking, sealing, and waterproofing for protection
  • Wood restoration enhances original beauty and extends life
  • Walkway and concrete repair to revive and beautify paths
  • Pressure-washing of decks & fences to make them shine
  • Weatherproofing decks & fences to prevent damage
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