Montclair Ave, Oakland + HDR Remodeling

We LOVE this gorgeous ADU, designed and built by HDR Remodeling!

ADU stands for "Accessory Dwelling Unit." And, while ADUs might have once been the place that gave you breathing room from your Mother-In-Law when she came to stay for extended periods (not for us, we love our MILs!), these days the ADU serves many functions, from an income-generator via Airbnb, to a home-office or homeschool room, to a way to re-welcome-home adult children who previously left the nest, or shelter other relatives long-term — creating an accommodating extended family compound in uncertain (and even in better!) times.

Click this link to read our blog series on ADUs, definitions, designs, costs, and considerations, featuring an interview with HDR's head of design, Kevin Mond: