Barnhill Marina, Alameda + Cass Morris Color Design

Colorful and very personalized exteriors are a hallmark of the floating homes in Barnhill Marina, like this one. As described in Alameda Magazine, Barnhill Marina is a cheery neighborhood of “Artists, working professionals, and retired people (who) all cohabitate in (this) little oasis of zany-colored, kitschily-decorated mini-Victorians. Some are big kayakers, sailors, and paddle boarders — others just enjoy observing the water.”

While anything goes, and usually the bolder, the better, this project’s colors were (like all projects that Cass consults on) chosen with an eye toward how the home will look in relation to its neighbors. The pops of orange against the blue echo the gray body with red trim of the home on one side, while also harmonizing with the orange body of the floating home on the next berth down, and echoing the warmth of the sunny yellow exterior of the home when facing the other direction.

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