Paint is essential. Paint is elemental.

No building surface can go uncoated and stay intact. Paint is also a medium for beauty. With paint, we deliver color that transforms and refreshes, bringing surfaces back to life. We look at your home as a canvas. Each surface has its own special quality. We paint to them protect and we paint them to beautify. In the Bay Area, where the variety of architectural styles presents us with so many kind of canvases, we love the art of the home.

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Specializing in Craftsman, Victorian and Decorative Trim restoration, we use spray and hand-painting techniques to transform your interiors. From residential repaints to custom home building and remodeling, we prepare and paint walls, ceilings, trim, doors, and windows to make your kitchen, dining room, living room and bedrooms look spectacular and stay that way.


Taking care of your home’s exterior is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family’s biggest investment. Your house stands between you and the elements. Exposure, year after year, to sun and rain causes things to rot. Rot means repair, and those repairs can be very expensive. Instead, protect what you’ve got. By painting your home with high-quality materials; hiring qualified tradespeople; and making sure you get a five-year home warranty that guarantees their work, you’re buying down the cost of future repairs. Dollar-for-dollar, exterior painting is the best front-line defense against anything that can damage the center of your family’s life.

We don’t just protect your home. We make you look good, too. We prepare and paint stucco, wood and aluminum siding, as well as shingles, wood and trim elements, to make your home a place you can feel proud of, year after year.


Paint is a medium for the delivery of color, and nothing is more exciting than transforming a home by giving it a fresh, new look. To help you perfect the look you want, we provide a professional color consultation for both interior and exterior painting. Our color consultants meet you onsite, provide color tools, assist with color placement, and we apply onsite color brushouts to help you make a final decision.


90% of technique begins with surface preparation. A properly prepared surface will accept the material (primer, patching, paint) and hold it. Preparation also ensures that the final application will be perfect.

Our painters are adept at both brush and spray-and-roll techniques. The surface typically dictates the approach. Interior walls are almost always brushed and rolled. For ceilings and wood elements, a sprayer will apply the paint in a smooth, hard surface; it can apply twice as much paint in half the time.

For exterior work, we mask trim before spraying the body of the house to create sharp, clean lines. For interiors, our master painters cut lines by hand for crisp, clean edges.

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