Tips For Hiring An Exterior House Painting Expert

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You may be looking at your home and thinking about just how dull your once vibrant exterior has become. Don't beat yourself up over it, it is actually a very common occurrence amongst homeowners. Years and even decades pass with very little, if any thought given to a home's exterior paint.

You might also be staring at your home's exterior, wondering what can be done to restore it. Of course there's the do-it-yourself approach though this tends to be both expensive and produce results that range from lackluster to mediocre. Going it alone or even with help from friends and family is also incredibly time consuming and more so when you lack experience. The best option in this scenario is to hire a professional house painter. Before you balk at the cost of doing so consider all the time and money you'll spend trying to do the job yourself. Once you have decided to hire one you'll have a process in front of you and you'll want to take great care in selecting the right painter.

Do Your Homework First

Long before you actually hire a painter to address the exterior needs of your home you will want to spend some time in front a computer researching candidates. It behooves you to look at reviews both on a painters website and those found on independent sites. This will begin to give you an idea of what a painters reputation is and what type of work they produce. In addition to reputation, you should consider speaking with others online who have used a specific painters service.

Interviewing Candidate Painters

Once you have a good idea of how a particular painter operates you can begin contacting prospective firms. Initiating contact via email works while speaking with them over the telephone is even better. Of course nothing beats meeting such persons/firms in person for some face time. No matter the manner of meeting, have your queries and project details ready. The more information you can give a painter the more they will be able to give back. Be sure to discuss budget and be open about ideas and desires you have. Lastly, at some point during your discussions you should ask for licensing and bonding information. Firms that operate without the aforementioned should be immediately disqualified.

Project Details

While scouting painters it is incredibly important to discuss the scope of your project as well as the reason for wanting to paint the exterior of your home. Moreover, find out who is responsible for clean up once the project is finished as not all painters address that themselves. Offer up your own ideas with regards to colors, patters, and placement. The greater the exchange of information, the better your home will look in the end and the more satisfied you will be.

Discussing Budget

While having your home painted can be an exciting venture, don't let your imagination be bigger than your budget. By being open about what you have to spend a professional painter can formulate a plan that works. Alternatives to more expensive options are always present but usually aren't the first ones explored by pros. Save time and hassle by being open and honest about what you can dedicate to your project.

Ask For References

Again...more homework. When speaking with a prospective painter do not hesitate to ask for references. Any professional worth their salt will not only be able to provide you with several but will be happy to do so as well. Any painter that beats around the bush or produces questionable references should be crossed of your list. When you do contact these references have a list of questions ready for them. Ask about cost, customer service, quality of work, speed of work, and ask about any problems they might have encountered etc.

Look For A Guarantee

Not all painters offer guarantees but those that do have confidence in the work they produce. Such painters should sit atop your short list of candidate hires. When speaking with firms or individuals dig deep for the details of their guarantees. Keep an eye out for those that include annual inspections and a “no cost” repair policy. These protect your investment and ensure that you get a painter that places an emphasis on quality and satisfaction.

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