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By Arana Craftsman Painters

If you are in need of a bit of light in your life then one of the easiest ways is to illuminate your life is to get out a color chart and let us either redecorate or advise you on how you can make your home or professional space look a little less passé and a bit more on-trend and fresh.

We all know how challenging it can be to choose the perfect color for our rooms – it might have looked fabulous in the brochure or test pots, but when you start painting it on your walls, it doesn’t always seem right.

At Arana Craftsman Painters, we can help explain how to look beyond the color and how to explore light – both natural and artificial, the room’s orientation, and the amount of sunlight received, which can affect the color choices you make.

So, whether your own personal style is modern or traditional, minimalist or extravagant, there’s a color somewhere with your name on it! And we can help you find it…

Arana Craftsman Painters are a family-owned business with over 60 years of painting and decorating experience, which we think gives us more than an artisans eye for detail, especially when it comes to interior and exterior painting choices.

Creative Decorating Solutions
Because when you’re choosing a new color for your interior, the most important thing to remember is that there are no rules! Something may be in trend in all the home interior magazines, but those colors have to work for you.

Knowing how to choose paint colors seems really easy at first until you’re faced with indecision from having so many choices.

For all the styles that are out there, it’s essential that you choose colors that you love because, after all, you have to live with them, not the interior designers.

But, don’t just take our word for it, check out our excellent website reviews and our regular contributions to those in the professional residential and commercial industries, we love to paint with a passion. Check out our latest contribution! We are happy to share our painting knowledge with just about anyone!

At Arana Painting, we often utilize air brushing and brushless techniques to work both more effectively and efficiently. Catherine Baldi, owner of Arana had this to say about the subject. “We use airless assisted sprayers to reduce the time it takes to paint a project as well as when we want to achieve a cleaner finish that will not show brushstrokes.”

So if you need some support or advice for your own home or commercial related painting project, just give us a shout, we love to splash ourselves around.

Need some help?

Think of us as the painting doctors.

Whether you need help painting your exterior, interior home, or business, we know that finding reliable, trustworthy tradespeople can be difficult, which is why we’ve spent so long perfecting our trade so that you’ll we can bring your color desires to life.

Regardless of whether it’s product knowledge, color tools, finishes, and designs – there are endless solutions to what might seem like complicated problems – let us share with you our Arana painting skills and experience, our choice of high-quality materials, and solve any decorating dilemmas you may have.

We know that not all painting projects are straightforward, and some are trickier than others – so, let us help when help is needed – from complicated painting jobs to painting inspiration, we are the painting pros!

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