Rhapsody in Blue-Green: From Arana’s Portfolio

By Julie Feinstein Adams

Color Swatches & Home Photos

With this recent exterior paint job, performed by Arana Craftsman Painters, this lovely Oakland home went from white-and-brown to shades of blue with hints of green, and gray trim. The color palette was selected by our dear colleague (whose services are included in our whole-house-exterior-paint contracts) Cass Morris

Prime and Paint Day 1-2266

Cass took in homeowners Kelly and Nat’s lovingly-tended gardens and the neutral tones of existing hardscaping and outdoor kitchen, as well as the palettes of neighboring homes, plus the couple’s general appreciation of blue, to devise this bright, lively, and harmonious exterior paint scheme.

Nat admits that they were initially skeptical. “We didn’t think we’d love having our entire house this color, but we do!”

Mid-Process 66th St Exterior-2278

At Arana, we love when bold risks, guided by experts in the world of color and design, yield such gorgeous results.

Body color (stucco): Benjamin Moore Del Mar Blue #704

“A muted blue-green” that can “quietly anchor” a palette, according to the company’s website

Doors, plus thin rails on front fence: Benjamin Moore Vermont Slate #1673

“Both traditional and modern,” a “cool blue” with “a touch of green”

Porch steps, walkway, plus thick rails on front fence: Duxbury Gray #HC 163

“A unique medium gray with a trace of green”

Door frames, window frames, stair railings: Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments #1563

“A gentle mix of blue, green, and gray... that exudes tranquility and inspires quiet meditation”


Arana 66th St Final 2-2442

66th Street Berkeley-2402


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