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Julie Feinstein

I am a journalist, marketing writer, editor, photographer, teacher, improviser, storyteller, consultant, and coach. In all of these roles, I find the heart of a story or a project, and help it become manifest — in words or pictures. I evoke, capture, shape, produce, execute. And, I make connections. I connect people to each other, business owners to customers, charities to donors, contractors to vendors, information-seekers to the information they seek. (Read more about all of my facets in an article that Catherine and I wrote about me, here.)

I was drawn to working for the home design and remodeling industry as soon as I launched my marketing writing and consulting business in 2009. At that time, I noticed that I had an affinity for working with interior designers, architects, builders, and related industry contractors — people whose work combined aesthetics with creating spaces that nurture; people whose businesses were born from a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, skill, craft, and he(art). 

My friendship with Catherine began in 2011, when she joined the Business Growth Network, a BNI group where I was a member. One year later, partly on Catherine’s good advice, I enrolled my son in kindergarten at the same elementary school that her and Ernesto’s kids attended. Then, in 2014, I hired Arana Craftsman Painters to paint the exterior of my Oakland home, and of course, the work was exquisite and eco-conscious — a must-have for me! Not to mention the fabulous palette I chose with the assistance of Cass Morris, whose services were included in the exterior painting contract.

In 2018, I came on board with Arana as marketing writer and consultant, and since then I have co-written and edited the majority of the Arana’s blog articles including profiles on staff, customers, and colleagues; as well as informative pieces describing painting and staining processes and home-care related topics; and interviews with some of the Bay Area’s premier contractors and interior designers. More recently I have been photographing some of Arana’s projects for the portfolio, as well. 

In 2022, I joined the team as Business Development Manager, adding my capacities as a consummate networker to the already long list of ways I offer my skills and talents to supporting her company and its mission. 

I am proud to be a part of Arana. Catherine and Ernesto do excellent work and they value being conscious contributors to the health and well-being of their staff, clients, and communities. Especially because my own personal values are reflected here, I enjoy having the opportunity to build relationships with industry colleagues and partners on Arana’s behalf.

- Julie

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