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We’re committed to your satisfaction. That’s why we always guarantee our work and serve our own warranty–so you get Craftsman-quality work every time.


Five Year Guarantee

We offer a five-year written guarantee against peeling, bubbling, or cracking paint.

  • Valid for all Arana projects
  • Annual inspections checks-ins to confirm our workmanship
  • We repair peeling, bubbling or cracking directly associated with our work


Annual Home Check In

Every year, Arana will check in with you to ensure that the areas we painted to are sound per the boundaries of our workmanship. We will:

  • Maintain the 5-year guarantee with a yearly home inspection
  • Assess all project work
  • Provide recommendations for any necessary repairs


Warranty Repairs

All warrantied Arana work will be repaired promptly, free of charge.

  • Arana is your home maintenance partner
  • We bring timely attention to any required repairs
  • Craftsman detailing and attention with each repair

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