McCreary-Greer House, Durant Avenue, Berkeley + Berkeley Architectural Historical Society

Arana is honored to have helped to restore and protect the exterior of this exquisite historic Berkeley city landmark home, which is also home to the offices of the Berkeley Architectural Historical Society (BAHA).

From the BAHA website:

The McCreary-Greer House is an outstanding example of turn-of-the-century Classic Revival style and a City of Berkeley Landmark. Although we refer to the house as the McCreary-Greer House, and the McCreary family did occupy it from 1907 to 1981, they were not the first owners. The house’s origins have been shrouded in mystery, and there are conflicting stories about its construction. From existing records it can be concluded that the house was built in 1901, three years earlier than the commonly assumed date of 1904. However, the house may have been designed as early as 1896 by the architect and builder Cornelius Sarsfield McNally, and it was built for either Ada and Abner Lowell or Marie and Frederick Bateman (of the Bateman Tract). READ MORE…