The Best Colors For Your Kitchen

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Next to your living room, your home's kitchen gets the most use. It's also an area visitors tend to visit frequently and immediately upon entering your home. Being such an important part of your home, your kitchen should not only be spacious and well organized but should look great too. Part of making and keeping a kitchen looking good is its paint. Over time, a kitchen's paint can dull and become stained by smoke. It can also hold onto the hundreds of different smells that have originated from your stove, oven, fridge, and even food and drink left out on the counter.

In order to remedy all of the aforementioned new paint is needed. Some homeowners elect to have their kitchens painted as part of a larger redesign project while others use only paint in order to revitalize their kitchens. No matter why a homeowner chooses to repaint their kitchen, they face a number of different options and hard choices. Everything from choosing the right shade, pattern, and brand will determine just how happy a homeowner is at the conclusion of their project.

Help From Professionals

Making choices that carry the biggest benefits to a kitchen is no easy task and the sheer number of wildly different options can be confusing and maddening. When a homeowner hires a professional painting firm however a talented staff of artisans will take what a homeowner has envisioned and bring it to life. When first consulting with a professional, a homeowner will be presented with color charts, color placement counseling, and will work with test samples so that they can see their choices come to life. Moreover, professional painters will listen to and seriously consider the needs and demands of a homeowner when devising a plan of action.

Colors Galore

There is virtually no color of paint that can not be created. While this may initially sound wonderful, having too many choices often breeds indecision and regret. While a homeowner can most certainly use any color they like when repainting their kitchen, many colors simply don't work or fit in a kitchen environment. Conversely, there are a number of colors that work exceedingly well in kitchens; making them not only stand out but fit in as part of a home.

Harbor Gray Ac-25 - A great deal of homeowners love using white or some type of off-white in their kitchen. While this is certainly understandable, white shows everything as it becomes dirty and stained. To avoid the discoloring of white paint in a kitchen, this paint is often presented by professional painters to homeowners whom want to go as white as possible. This gray is considered a neutral that pairs tremendously with brass, marble, and many other colors.

Galápagos Green 475 - This green is a deliciously deep and rich shade of green. Kitchens with a large number of pantries and cupboards look fantastic with this green surrounding them. The savory look of this green can create a dramatic look in a kitchen and will look fantastic for long periods of time.

Moore Ice Blue 2052-70 - Ice blue paint makes a kitchen look and feel as crisp as a pre-sunrise September morning. The pale blue of this shade exudes warmth and freshness while it creates a soothing kitchen atmosphere. Those homeowners whom love a white kitchen but want a bit of added color will find that Moore Ice Blue satiates quite nicely.

Farrow & Ball Pegnoir No. 286 - Homeowners looking to add a bit of fun to their kitchen will adore this color. Its delicate lavender and slight gray mix makes kitchens look modern and warm. This color can be used on ceilings and matches well with cupboards and pantries no matter their finish.

Farrow & Ball All White No. 2005 - This shade of white is perfect for homeowners whom want to go all white but don't want a glaring white that comes off as too bright. Professional painters can use this shade of slightly muted white to create both modern and retro kitchen vibes. This white is a wonderful companion to marble counter tops too.

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur 2126-20 - Kitchens with elevated ceilings and plentiful wood will benefit greatly from this color. This color doesn't scratch or bite as its name might suggest but it will bring kitchens to life with its rustic, homey outdoorsy, and slightly chalky look.

Farrow & Ball Mizzle No. 266 - This dusty grey green color is extremely versatile and can be used to create a multitude of different atmospheres within a kitchen. Being a "flexible" color means it sits well with different types of wood finishes and counter tops. Homeowners that desire a timeless look can use this color all throughout their kitchen to satisfy that need.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc-172 - Homeowners that have kitchens full of brass and marble will find this shade of pewter to be exactly what their kitchen needs to be reinvigorated. Being a popular alternative to plain white paint, this pewter is a muted albeit bright color that manages to make kitchens feel fresh.

Benjamin Moore Lucerne Af-530 - When white paint or some variant of it isn't enough for a homeowner, they'll want something with much more color. Blue is always a comforting color and one that can really bring a kitchen to life. It is also a stark and joyfully jarring change to kitchens that where previously white. This blue pairs exceptionally well with black and brass accents as well.

Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green No. 81 - In order to liven up and make a kitchen vivacious, homeowners will want to add some real color to the walls of their galley. This particular shade of green is colorful enough to add vibrancy to any kitchen without being so overwhelming that it detracts from counter tops, cupboards, and the like. Additionally, this green works in tandem with various browns to create something truly special.

Endless Colors And Choices

The aforementioned are but a few of the choices homeowners have when they set out to redecorate, repaint, and/or re-imagine their kitchens. Depending on the kitchen, a homeowner's personal likes/dislikes, the needs of their home, their budgets, and a whole host of other variables, professional painters might recommend reds, browns, purples, pinks, and other colors that aren't traditionally associated with kitchens. Professionals can also create custom colors for homeowners allowing them to concoct a customer's favorite color or something that they can only see in their mind but can't verbally describe. The choices are virtually endless when it comes to repainting a kitchen so it behooves homeowners to take their time and work closely with the professionals they have hired in order to create the perfect color for their kitchen.

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