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Should I have my floors refinished or installed first? What about carpet?

If you are having new carpet, laminate, or wood floors installed, then it is important to have your flooring done first. Installation of these products can slightly damage or mark up the baseboards and walls. Painting these areas will address any damage after the flooring contractor has left.  The very first part of our process is to mask and protect flooring.

How is my furniture protected?

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Large pieces of furniture are moved to the center of the room - where possible - and covered with new drop cloths or plastic. If needed, we can move furniture out of the room temporarily and reinstall upon completion.

Can I still live here while you’re working?

In most cases it is possible for a homeowner to stay in their home while it is being painted. It can depend on the scope of work and how long the work will affect critical areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms. If all surfaces of the room are scheduled for paint, then that room will have to be sealed off until completed. If a homeowner needs to stay during the process, we plan the project out so that they can be as comfortable and as unimpeded as possible.

My walls are cracking and sagging – why? What can be done?

Walls are constructed of either lath and plaster or sheet-rock. Lath and plaster is an older building material and can typically be found in homes constructed pre-World War II. Plaster is applied over a wire lath or a thin layer of paper and it has the propensity to crack and fail. Sagging can be caused by the paper underneath. When painted, that paper can be activated and will bubble and move, resulting in sagging.  Sheetrock, on the other hand, rarely cracks unless put under seismic pressure or some other extreme circumstance. The tape that bridges the seams of the sheets is more likely to fail (in an Earthquake for example), but happens more rarely.

Can you make my wood look better?

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In most cases, yes. Wood trim typically suffers from damage caused by everyday living. Dings, dents, holes, and peeling paint are all normal wear and tear. This is especially noticeable on door frames and baseboards. The best way to treat and restore wood is to carefully sand down the current layer of paint to de-gloss the surface and remove any failed material. We then use a wood filler like Bondo or Spackle to fill in damaged areas, sand until it blends with the surrounding area, prime and the surface is restored and ready for paint.

What sheen of paint should I use?

This is a great question and one that is not only dependent on how a room is used, but it also dependent on the how much shine the homeowner prefers. The higher the sheen, the more wipe-able and cleanable it is and the longer the paint surface will last. On the downside, the higher the sheen, the more the texture and wall anomalies will be highlighted. Colors will also ready differently than they will with a flat sheen. Higher sheens bounce and focus light. Some homeowners like that and some don’t. For more information on Sheen, please go to:

Our basic advice is that in any room with moisture or heat activity at least an eggshell sheen should be used – the kitchen, bathrooms, and the laundry room are good examples.  Sheen choices in all other rooms are subjective and a matter of personal preference on the part of the homeowner

Are there any rules for choosing colors?

There are a few basic rules:

  1. Take into account the existing elements in the room that already have a color – furniture, a wood ceiling, brick fireplace etc.
  2. The size of the room – darker colors tend to make a room look smaller
  3. The amount of light in a room – a lighter or brighter color can amplify the amount of light
  4. What the room will be used for – child’s room, office, bedroom

If you get stuck and just can’t decide, our service includes a 1-hr consultation with a professional Color Consultant. We will also apply paint in a small 2’x 2’brush out on the wall and on trim.

Which paint brand is best?

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There are a number of brands and grades on the market. We have found good success with the Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Kelly Moore Brands. All 3 provide a similar level of quality for what a typical homeowner needs. Each have different color stories and that is was often leads a homeowner to choose one over the other.

How long can I expect my paint job to last?

On interior projects, bubbling and peeling are not a typical problem in most areas where moisture and heat are not present. Homeowners with pets and children will notice more nicks, dents and dirt faster. We recommend paint with a higher sheen in these cases, especially in the hallway or children’s bedroom, so that most of these things can be wiped down. We provide a 5-yr guarantee against, peeling, bubbling and cracking of the paint film.

How much will it cost?

Cost is dependent on what the scope of work is, what the surface conditions are, what the desired color scheme is and how much materials will be needed. The best way to understand cost is to schedule a consultation where we get a complete understanding of what your goals are and what will be required to complete the project. Call Now!

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