Best Colors for Kitchen with White Cabinets

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Interior designers recommend earthy colors for kitchens with white cabinets. These colors have a warm and welcoming feel that makes the cook and visitors feel comfortable. The color should be bright with a blend of different colors on different parts of the kitchen.

Kitchen colors serve many purposes; this includes coordinating with the cabinets, reflecting sunlight or light from the bulb, and they also give your home a cheerful feel. Dark colors are known to be work against appetite. This includes neutral colors such as blue, green, purple, and violet. The choice of the kitchen color should follow the taste of the owner.

However, dark colors like black do not work well in a kitchen set that has white cabinets. The following are the best colors that will match well with your white kitchen cabinet.

Warm and neutral colors

colors for kitchen

Any color can be termed as friendly if it has enough shade and tint. This will entirely depend on the neutral you will choose. In case you are not sure of the best color to go with, you can start by using neutral colors.

Another way of spicing up your kitchen colors is by mixing the neutrals with an addition of red, orange, or yellow to make them appear warmed up. If the colors become too warm, you can cool them down with green, violet, or blue color.


Red may not be a kitchen favorite for most people. However, it is the perfect choice when you intend to avoid mixing many colors. White kitchen cabinets will have a sparkly and classy look when combined with red color.

If your kitchen has plenty of dark colors, red can come in handy to reduce the monotony of warm and bright colors. Remember, you can still choose to use red as the primary theme color for your kitchen walls and other installations. If there are numerous stainless steel items in the kitchen, you can use red color to provide a focal viewpoint to your eyes.

Brown color

Colors for Kitchen

Brown is the perfect complement to white kitchen cabinets. Also, brown is considered an earthy tone, thus making it a top choice for your kitchen. Our food comes from the earth on our farms. The natural color for planet earth is brown.

This is one of the reasons why brown is the perfect color for your kitchen. You can spice up the brown kitchen colors by using different accessories that have different colors to reduce the monotony brought about by the brown color.

White on white


This is no brainer when it comes to kitchen painting. White on white brings out a classy kitchen that has a welcoming feel when anyone enters the kitchen.

With this kind of setup, you will paint every part of your kitchen white. This includes white cabinets, white walls, white ceiling, counters, and accessories.

Light yellow color

Many designers prefer a bright yellow color for a kitchen with white cabinets. This bright yellow color on the walls works perfectly with brown tiles or wood on the floor. Yellow color reflects light across the room, thus bringing ambiance to your kitchen. You can spice up the light yellow color with blue painting to bring out a vintage atmosphere.

White, blue and light gray color


One of the best methods of painting your kitchen is by combining multiple colors. The right combination is by using blue, white, and gray color on your kitchen walls. These colors will work best where the kitchen has access to natural light from the sun.

With the white cabinets, there will be a bright contrast between each of the colors. The blue color will give your kitchen a vintage look. You can go ahead and have your floor covered by red or brown tiles or wood.

White, black and brown colors


This is a perfect combination for painting your kitchen walls and ceiling if it has white cabinets. The result is a bold color that depicts class and welcoming feel.

Again, this combination of multiple colors will work best in a kitchen where there is enough access to natural light for it to have a cozy and casual look.

White, green and brown color


Having a green refrigerator may appear to be a bad idea for a kitchen look. However, with white cabinets, the green color on the fridge will be the talk of the entire house.

The primary purpose of combining white, green, and brown color is to bring out your kitchen as colorful and ambient. You can paint the counter-tops and shelves a brown theme color. This will help create a transition from the white and green color.

Navy blue color with white

A navy blue and white combination of colors will work best with a red-brown floor. This will make your house have a rugged appearance. The rugged appearance will contrast that of accessories that make up the rest of the room.

The white color may come from white tiles that have been placed on one side of the walls. The white-colored wall with the tiles should be on the same side with the white cabinets to create harmony.

On the other side of the wall, you may opt to paint a navy blue color. The navy blue wall will look best if it is directly opposite the white tiles. You can still spice things up by using accessories such as chandelier that will make a subtle statement.

Orange, black and gray

This is a perfect combination for those who want a kitchen with a modern look. The black color is suitable for the counter-tops, and the orange can be applied on either side of the wall. The gray color will highly complement the black counter tops and should be applied in regions that are near the counter top.


Identifying the right paint colors that will work best with white cabinets can be a time- consuming task. However, the good news is that there are several options that one can consider.

Kitchens look best with white, gray, blue, red, yellow, or green. These colors give the kitchen walls a shiny look. Some colors are suitable for stimulating appetite, while others do not. Red is one of the perfect colors that are known to stimulate appetite.


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