What should my house painting quote include?

By Agile Search

If you're looking for San Francisco Bay area residential painting contractors to give you a proposal for a painting project, you're in for quite an experience! Every painting contractor has their own way of doing a job and getting house-painting quotes can be pretty confusing! Many contractors will say that certain things are included, but will not put it in writing.

Feel free to use the following 6 Tip Checklist to get all of your 'bidders' on the same page!

Make sure your bidders put the following in writing:

1) Specify every item in a room that is included (wall, baseboards, window frames, etc.) & not just generic descriptions like 'trim.'

2) Make sure each item in each area is priced separately. This will help as you budget & compare apples to apples proposals.

3) Specify the number of coats AND the exact material being used (just saying 'Benjamin Moore Eggshell' is too vague since there are multiple products & costs).

4) Specify if & how repairs will be made. Again, many contractors will appear to have much lower prices because repairs are not included!

5) Make sure you have their insurance company fax or email you the current proof of insurance. Many companies will show you a copy of certificate that is no longer valid.

6) Make sure the proposal is clear as to how color selections will be made.  This can be an area of huge inconvenience & disappointment for homeowners.

We know that choosing a house painter can be a confusing process since most contractors see things in different ways. Take the time to make sure they provide the information above and the process will be much easier for you!  If you'd like a Free Estimate from Arana or have any questions, contact us!

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