Painting Processes We Love: GacoDeck Waterproofing and Anti-Slip System

By Catherine Baldi, Principal, Arana Craftsman Painters

For this project (photos below), Arana restored, sealed, and waterproofed the front porch and stairs of our client's Victorian home using one of our favorite products: GacoDeck®.

GacoDeck is typically used on roofs, decks, and staircases and even works great on concrete — anywhere that needs to be sealed.

This 2-part and four-layer process creates an epoxy coating that provides a hard and long-lasting surface, once dry. Applying GacoDeck® results in a fully-adhered, durable, waterproof membrane that expands and contracts along with the substrate as weather changes.

The process of applying GacoDeck involves first cleaning the surface to be coated, and then working within the recommended guidelines for timing, applying primer if the surface has been previously coated or painted (and sanding before this if it was a glossy paint). All seams, cracks, and joints must be prepared with special tape, flashing, or caulking materials. GacoDeck can also be used on concrete under certain conditions.

Note that GacoDeck is NOT recommended for teak, cedar, or redwood due to tannin bleeding on light colors.

(If you have any questions, let us meet with you to survey the area you wish to coat and make recommendations!)

The area to be sealed must be washed and dried appropriately, and then four layers of coating are applied; the topcoat is mixed with walnut shells to create a non-skid surface which, if properly proportioned and applied, meets California state accessibility standards for safety.

And another benefit, clean-up of your sealed deck area or walkway once GacoDeck is applied, is easy. Simply use soap and water.

GacoDeck TopCoat will maintain its waterproofing capacity and stay true to color for up to 5-7 years. At that time, homeowners are advised to apply (or have us apply) maintenance coats of GacoDeck TopCoat (again, mixed with GacoGrip Texture Granules). No primer is required.

Safety and beauty, a well-designed product, and happy customers are all reasons why, at Arana, we love GacoDeck. Call us to learn more about this product and determine if the process is right for you and your home.




11a. GACODECK - BEFORE - 20160906_120735




11B. GACODECK - DURING 20170315_125208

11C. GACODEK DURING - 20170315_125211



11E. GACODECK - AFTER20170316_104156



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