Boosting The Value Of Your Home With Paint

By Arana Craftsman Painters


When homeowners begin discussing the sale of their home there are many conversations that come up and even more ideas that get passed around. Homeowners will begin looking at ways to improve their home. They will look at flooring, the health of their yards, and a multitude of other things that they believe will boost the value of their home.

One of the most popular and sensible ways to improve the value o

f a home is to have it repainted. Homeowners can elect to have the exteriors and/or the interiors of their homes repainted but often find themselves stuck at an impasse when the subject of colors is broached. Of course, homeowners know which colors they like but they often wrestle with trying to figure out what colors buyers might be interested in and which colors will give their home more market value.

The Right Colors

Potential home buyers don't want to walk into a home that feels worn nor one that looks dim, dull, or faded. Home buyers will be spending a great deal of money on the home they ultimately buy and thus will shy away from any home that utilizes colors which look and feel drab and uninteresting.

In order to entice buyers and impress those whom are handling the sale of a home, homeowners are encouraged to select neutral colors. Colors such as tans, beige's, golds, grays or a blend of gray and beige all make a home feel fresh and warm. While white is a popular color with homeowners, its often seen as too stark and plain and can turn people away from a home. In addition to the aforementioned colors, shades of taupe, olive, and other natural looking colors often boost the value of a home a great deal.

Painting Priorities

Homeowners looking to boost the value of their homes often turn a blind eye to several important aspects of repainting a home. First and foremost, not every room in a home will necessarily need to be repainted. Sometimes a room has a unique type of charm that buyers and property assessors find irresistible. Secondly, homeowners will want to talk with the professionals they've hired about gloss versus matte and even brand of paint. Not all brands of paint work well in all settings and the wrong one can adversely affect both end results and the value of a home. Homeowners with modest budgets will also need to discuss which rooms are most important to buyers in order to determine which rooms will receive new paint. A sound strategy will help homeowners get the most out of their new paint and greater boost the value of their home. To their surprise, many homeowners are often asked to use no more than 3 colors for both the exterior and interiors of their homes. Using too many or too few colors can devalue a home and turn buyers away. Professionals often urge homeowners to select 3 colors that will have the greatest impact.

Here To Help

Because choosing the right colors for your home and knowing which colors are popular at the moment can be difficult, Arana Craftsman Painters is here to help. Our staff is made up of not only expert painters but we are also artists with a keen eye for detail. Our passion and expertise allow us to work closely with homeowners and develop an approach that is unique to the specific needs of the home they intend to sell.

During the initial consultation we have with homeowners, Arana provides color charts, consulting for placement, and our team will apply test samples of the colors our customers select. This allows them to see what their choices will actually look like in the real world and will give them an opportunity to make alternative choices before painting begins. We want our customers to love the choices they make.

Arana Craftman Painters offers professional painting services in Oakland, Piedmont, San Leandro, Alameda, Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, San Francisco, Orinda, Lafayette, Danville, Hillsborough and Marin.


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