When you are looking to paint your home, you need to look at more than just the colors that you like.  There are many different types of paints out there and finding the one that will last the longest and have the best look is important. If you are looking to have your home, business, or outbuildings professionally painted then you need to hire a professional that knows painting and the different paints.  Many teachers and teenagers think themselves “professionals” because they can hold a paintbrush.  However, these types of jobs typically are peeling in only a few years. Be sure that you take the time to get to know your painter and see if they can tell you what exterior paint is right for you.

We believe the best exterior paint is latex based. This is very different than in the past.  This is because they have really come a long way and are made better than ever before.  Exterior latex paint is composed of chemicals that will endure the various temperatures that come and go, all the while being easy to keep clean.  It is important that you get a paint that will work for your particular project. For example, exterior latex paint is our first choice for exterior painting, however, it will not work if an oil-based paint has been used in the past. Knowing or remembering what type of paint was used before should guide your purchasing decisions.

Different Paint Finishes

Once you have the type of paint you’ll then need to decide on a finish.  There are many finishes offered in the paints world.  Gloss creates a very shiny look that has become popular as of late. Glossy paint however works best on small surfaces and not on the main part of the house.  Glossy paint works well around windows and other small areas. Furthermore, glossy paint is easy to clean but will show imperfections easier.  Semi-gloss paint is one of the most common types of paint. It is used a extensively on interior walls.  Semi-gloss is easier to clean than other paints but has a bit less of a gloss that full gloss paint.  It is good for exterior door painting.  Semi-gloss is also good for painting brick.

Eggshell is another finish but it goes by more than a few other name, most commonly referred to as satin finish.  It is good for painting vinyl, fiber cement siding, and wood planks.

Paint with a flat finish is most commonly for painting the exteriors of homes.  It hides the most imperfections no matter the age of the home.  This benefit however is offset by the fact that it doesn’t last as long as the glossier options. It certainly offers a better overall look but may require touch ups long before other types of paint do.

Before you have your entire home painted, it’s a good idea to have a small section painted and see how you like it.  This allows you to see what it looking like dry on your home’s siding.  Each type of siding and material will take to the paint a little differently.  Having your whole home painted the wrong color can be a costly mistake.

Take your time and really explore the different colors, finishes, and color combinations that are out there before you make a final choice.