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Wallpaper can add personality, beauty, and vibrancy to any room in which it is applied. That said, while wallpaper goes on quite easily, removing it is something else altogether. As time passes children grow up, fashions and styles change, and decorative paper wears out and becomes dull. It is at these moments a homeowner may decide they want fresh paint on wallpapered walls. When the time comes to remove wallpaper, the task can be daunting and frustrating. It can also cause damage when removed hastily and haphazardly. So how then can wallpaper be removed quickly and safety?

Oakland Painting Experts at Arana Painting offer quality painting services for both the interior and exterior of your home or commercial building.

Professional Wallpaper Removal Services

While Arana is perhaps best known for it’s artisanal painting and it’s great attention to detail, we also offer wallpaper removal services. These services take the burden off of busy homeowners and place it upon the shoulders of those whom possess the experience, training, and tools needed to do the job properly. How exactly does Arana remove wallpaper from your walls?

A Solution To The Problem – The first step in removing wallpaper is the application of a special solution that permeates the paper and weakens the adhesive underneath. This solution is applied liberally over all affected areas and left to sit for a short time.

Stripping – Once the above mentioned solution has had time to set and do its work, Arana will begin carefully stripping the wallpaper from your walls. This is done very slowly and carefully so as not to damage the surface behind the adhesive.

A Thorough Cleaning – After successfully removing wallpaper from your walls, we will thoroughly clean and then dry your walls. This cleaning removes small bits of debris that might have escaped the stripping process as well and leave your walls smooth and ready for the next step.

Patching Things Up – With your wallpaper removed and your walls clean Arana will check the integrity of your walls, patching and repairing any problems that are found. At the conclusion of this phase your walls will be ready for primer and paint.

Why Choose Arana?

Arana Craftsman And Painters is comprised of employees for whom painting is a real passion. We take an artistic and very detailed approach to all of our work and value customer service and satisfaction above all else. So great a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction have we that we guarantee all of our work for 5 years. Our team will revisit your home annually and inspect their work. Should they discover any cracking, peeling, or bubbling they will return to fix it immediately.

We are the Bay Area’s number one painting company and can help you breathe new life into your home revitalizing it through expressive and detailed paint. We paint both the exteriors and interiors of homes and can work with an interior designer to help make your home the dwelling you want it to be.

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