Time Spent Is Expertise Gained

DanIn the trades, real expertise can be genuinely hard to find. In painting, expertise most often develops from time spent hands-on in the field. Jon Diskin began in the painting trade in 1986 and was a hands-on journeyman painter for nearly 15 years before moving into project administration and client relations.

Originally from Michigan, Jon worked during high school summers, painting houses as a way to earn money.

“What I liked best about that time was developing a trade and seeing the happiness my work brought my customers; it’s very satisfying. I’ve never been afraid of hard work or getting my hands dirty. And I put myself through college by painting!”

In 1995, Jon moved to the Bay Area and continued to paint on interior and exterior projects that required a high degree of skill, establishing himself in the area.

As he gained experience, he branched out, becoming a Crew Leader, then Project Management, and finally, starting in Estimating and Account Management in 2007.

“I remember, in 1997, working on this massive 10,000 sq-ft remodel in Piedmont and realizing that I had broken the “painting sound barrier,” so to speak. We repainted the full interior and exterior. As a painter I was working at the highest level of the profession, truly understanding the correct steps required to get the best results.”

From there he brought this expertise to painting companies in Marin and the East Bay, each had a different market and approach. We were fortunate to hire him as our Estimator and Client Account Manager in 2011.

I write a lot about Eastern medicine and practices, I have a lot of love for them. Interestingly, before Jon joined us he experienced some significant health issues and used Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in addition to Western Medicine to address his condition.

He notes, “I deeply respect how the Chinese Medicine practitioner spends a great deal of time truly seeking to understand the patient’s situation and diagnose the very root of the problem and create a path to long term health. This integrated approach worked, and today, I’m blessed with excellent health!” In fact, Jon’s respect runs so deep that he is currently in a Masters Degree program in Acupuncture, in his spare time.

“Engaging this healing path has evolved my approach to working with our clients. I see myself as a type of diagnostician, asking questions and providing the solutions that offer the smartest investment and create the greatest beauty and durability possible. With this approach we address the very root of our customers home issues and concerns, and this long view brings tremendous peace of mind to our clients. That’s good medicine!”