It’s not enough picking the right painting firm, colors, patterns, nor designs for your upcoming interior redesign project. In addition to all of the aforementioned, you’ll need to pick the right finish for your interior paint if you hope to be happy with the results of your project. Different finishes add different things to a home and can dramatically alter or affect the atmospheres in homes.

In all, there are four major types of interior paint finishes. When consulting with the painters you’ve hired the subject of finish will inevitably arise. When it does, the more you know…the more you can accomplish and ensure that your home will look and feel great at project’s end.

Flat Paint

Flat paint is commonly used by contractors because of its matte finish. Flat paint does not reflect light which is perfect for those rooms that require darker colors or a muted appearance. While flat paints can indeed be beautiful, they do not wash too well. This means that you should expect your new paint to gradually, albeit slowly, lose its vibrancy.

Eggshell Paint

Like flat paints, eggshell paints feature matte finishes. Where they differ however is in their ability to shine. Eggshell paints are more vivacious and deep than are their flat cousins. Regardless of the color chosen, eggshell paints are much more pronounced than flat paints. These paints can be put to tremendous use in any area of a home as well.

Satin Paint

In layman’s terms, satin paint is merely “medium gloss”. Satins are both smooth and attractive in any color which is why they are often selected for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Perhaps best of all, satin paints are extremely washable and therefore they can be cleaned repeatedly without fear of dulling or fading.

Glossy Paints

Being the most reflective of paints, both semi and high gloss types are excellent choices for traffic heavy rooms. Additionally glosses are resistant to humidity, heat, and dirt. This means that when they do eventually require cleaning, you can do so without damaging their integrity. If you have furniture that is in need of fresh paint, glossy paints can restore them and give them a new-like sheen. Despite their many advantages however, glosses will not hide imperfections on a wall.

When In Doubt

If you are having difficulty selecting a color, brand, or finish for your new interior paint, a professional is only a phone call away. Interior paint isn’t the type of project a homeowner should attempt to tackle on their own. The numerous advantages that come with the initial consultation with a professional will make this perfectly clear. Professionals will not only add new paint to the interior of you home but they’ll utilize their artistic experience and knowledge to help you create something truly unique that improves and revitalizes your home.

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