Custom Paint Mixing. Paint is Essential.

Arana Craftsman Painters takes great pride in delivering artistic and very detailed paint. Consisting entirely of people whom share a real passion for painting, Arana approaches the painting of a home quite differently than does our competition.

Every job we work begins with a consultation. During this initial phase of the painting process members of our team will meet with you in order to discuss things like color and to provide color charts that aid in selection of a color. We also discuss color placement and help in applying test samples so that our clients can see what their choices will actually look like. The consultation process doesn’t end there however.

Oakland Painting Experts at Arana Painting offer quality painting services for both the interior and exterior of your home or commercial building.

Custom Colors And Mixing

In an effort to better service its clients and to set itself apart from its competitors, Arana Craftsman Painters offers custom color mixing. What this means is that we mix custom colors on the spot in order to help our customers get exactly they color they are envisioning. Mixing custom colors on the spot also prevents awkward and frustrating scenarios where a homeowner is presented with the paint they selected from a book or card only to be passionately dissatisfied with their choice as paint is being applied. While our color charts and the experts on our team certainly help our customers find a paint they like, nothing beats seeing that color on a wall or other surface within a home.

While not all painters mix custom paint on the spot, Arana understands that lighting, furniture, flooring, and a home’s natural environment can expose unforeseen problems with a chosen color. In some cases this process will also show a homeowner that they picked the perfect color so to call our on the spot mixing of custom colors important would be an understatement.

Our Mission

Arana Craftsman Painters is committed to excellence and exceeding the exceptions of every homeowner it services. Our artisinal approach to painting produces breathtaking and high quality results that not only beautify homes but revitalize them as well. Our on the spot custom color mixing is included as part of our standard service, meaning customers will never be asked to pay an additional fee for something that we consider invaluable and imperative to customer satisfaction and an alluring home.

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