House Painting

How Long Does Exterior House Paint Last?

Surface preparation, power washing, and getting the right contractor on the job are all things that should be taken into consideration when you are planning to paint your home.  Your exterior paint is an investment.  We are not speaking solely on a financial level here either.  New paint helps with the aesthetics of your home, but most importantly it protects your home.  It protects [...]

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Arana’s Participation in 4 Years of CSL Tours + 1 More To Come

For 31 years now, the Children’s Support League has raised money for East Bay agencies that serve children in need, by spearheading the annual Heart of the Home tour in Piedmont and the Oakland Hills. In that time, the organization has raised over 4 million dollars, distributed via grants to over 100 local service organizations. Under the motto of “Have fun and do good!,” [...]

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Don’t Go Against These 10 Rules When Repainting Your House

Don’t you just love it when after a long day of work, just as you pull up the corner, you see your house gleaming in the sun for all to see? It’s the bright spot of the neighborhood and actually one reason why the area you live in is highly sought after. Over the years though, you’ve been busy at work and raising a [...]

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Anatomy of a Victorian – The Not So Secret Symbolism of Decoration

Anatomy of a Victorian – The Not So Secret Symbolism of Decoration By Catherine Baldi with Julie Feinstein Adams As painting contractors, we revere the inspiration of the architects responsible for the many historical and modern styles of housing in the Bay Area. In particular, we are awed by Victorians. While painting these beauties, we feel that we get to reopen the channel for [...]

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The Best Colors For Your Kitchen

Next to your living room, your home's kitchen gets the most use. It's also an area visitors tend to visit frequently and immediately upon entering your home. Being such an important part of your home, your kitchen should not only be spacious and well organized but should look great too. Part of making and keeping a kitchen looking good is its paint. Over time, [...]

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What You Need To Know When Hiring An Interior Painter

There are a great many things to consider once you've decided to repaint the interior of your home. All of these considerations and ultimately, you choices, will factor into the "final product" so to speak. Because painting a home is considered an investment and meant to breathe new life into your home, you'll want to make the most informed and sound choices possible. The [...]

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Boosting The Value Of Your Home With Paint

When homeowners begin discussing the sale of their home there are many conversations that come up and even more ideas that get passed around. Homeowners will begin looking at ways to improve their home. They will look at flooring, the health of their yards, and a multitude of other things that they believe will boost the value of their home. One of the most [...]

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