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Interior Paint Finishes For Your Home

It's not enough picking the right painting firm, colors, patterns, nor designs for your upcoming interior redesign project. In addition to all of the aforementioned, you'll need to pick the right finish for your interior paint if you hope to be happy with the results of your project. Different finishes add different things to a home and can dramatically alter or affect the atmospheres [...]

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The Best Colors For Your Kitchen

Next to your living room, your home's kitchen gets the most use. It's also an area visitors tend to visit frequently and immediately upon entering your home. Being such an important part of your home, your kitchen should not only be spacious and well organized but should look great too. Part of making and keeping a kitchen looking good is its paint. Over time, [...]

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What You Need To Know When Hiring An Interior Painter

There are a great many things to consider once you've decided to repaint the interior of your home. All of these considerations and ultimately, you choices, will factor into the "final product" so to speak. Because painting a home is considered an investment and meant to breathe new life into your home, you'll want to make the most informed and sound choices possible. The [...]

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Boosting The Value Of Your Home With Paint

When homeowners begin discussing the sale of their home there are many conversations that come up and even more ideas that get passed around. Homeowners will begin looking at ways to improve their home. They will look at flooring, the health of their yards, and a multitude of other things that they believe will boost the value of their home. One of the most [...]

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Tips For Hiring An Exterior House Painting Expert

You may be looking at your home and thinking about just how dull your once vibrant exterior has become. Don't beat yourself up over it, it is actually a very common occurrence amongst homeowners. Years and even decades pass with very little, if any thought given to a home's exterior paint. You might also be staring at your home's exterior, wondering what can be [...]

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Steps to Buying Art for Your Home with a Professional Art Consultant

The Process of Buying Art for Your Home — with a Professional Art Consultant By Danielle Fox, SLATE contemporary "When the sun is out and the pool is warm," by Sheldon Greenberg. 48 x 40 in. Oil on canvas. At SLATE contemporary gallery. In addition to being a physical location in Oakland’s vibrant Uptown arts district, SLATE contemporary is an art consultancy [...]

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The Art of the Pattern — Q & A with Workroom C

The Art of the Pattern — Q & A with Carolyn Rebuffel of Workroom C Workroom C patterned fabrics. Photo credit: Eric Zepeda Carolyn Rebuffel, Principal Designer of Interior Design Firm Workroom C, based in Emeryville, offers her brand of “inspired, practical design” to clients throughout the Bay Area. With that mission comes the textiles she custom-creates to help implement her visions, [...]

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer Adapted from: and Exterior deck and wood siding restored and stained by Arana Craftsman Painters, in Piedmont California 1. Clean the walkway: Pressure-wash the walkway, then replace damaged pavers or bricks, or just flip them over. If any pavers are sticking up too high, raise them, remove a little dirt, and drop [...]

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Home as Canvas and Art Gallery

Home as Canvas and Art Gallery By Julie Feinstein Adams  Danielle Fox of SLATE contemporary. Photo credit: Lauren Edith Interior painting and artwork have an intimate relationship. The way that light reflects, the color tones shifting against the other’s presence. It is no small thing to choose the right location, lighting, and wall color for art, or to choose the right wall [...]

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