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What Makes A Good Exterior Paint?

When you are looking to paint your home, you need to look at more than just the colors that you like.  There are many different types of paints out there and finding the one that will last the longest and have the best look is important. If you are looking to have your home, business, or outbuildings professionally painted then you need to hire [...]

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How Long Does Exterior House Paint Last?

Surface preparation, power washing, and getting the right contractor on the job are all things that should be taken into consideration when you are planning to paint your home.  Your exterior paint is an investment.  We are not speaking solely on a financial level here either.  New paint helps with the aesthetics of your home, but most importantly it protects your home.  It protects [...]

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The Importance of Gloss and Sheen in Paint Selection

The gloss and sheen in paint isn't something that everyone understands.  This isn't something that many people think about either.  However, the gloss and sheen of paint is something that certainly impacts the final look and builds atmosphere.  It is not complicated to differentiate the two, however, most people don't even think about it.  As such, we would like to take a look and [...]

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Exterior House Colors 2020

Your home is a reflection of you. It is where to go to hang your hat after a long day. It should be warm and inviting to you.  Though it isn't some beauty contest, should make your home up the way you want it. However, there are some trends happening since we all went on lock down. 2020 certainly has been a year we [...]

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Arana Craftsman Painters Reopens During COVID-19

The company remains committed to the safety and social distancing while delivering the best paint in the Bay Area. San Francisco, California, June 24th, 2020 - COVID-19 had forced many a business to either rework how they do business or to shut down completely. However, with the proper precautionary measures some businesses have been allowed to resume operating. One business that has recently reopened [...]

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Architects and Designers: Who does what and how do they work together?

The field of home building and remodeling has a clear path from design to construction, then on to “the finishes,” and lastly, the furnishings. After the initial design plans are complete, architects can and often do play a role throughout the construction of the project. When do interior designers get involved? And can architects and interior designers ever coexist on a project? We sat [...]

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Arana Craftsman Painters Speaks About Their Artistic Approach To Painting

Oakland, Ca - March 31, 2020 — Arana Craftsman painters has been serving the Bay Area for over 15 years. In that time Arana has painted, refreshed, and revitalized countless commercial buildings as well as homes. The team at Arana approaches painting in a unique way; looking at each and every job as artists first and foremost. Arana and it's incredibly talented staff aren't [...]

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Arana’s Participation in 4 Years of CSL Tours + 1 More To Come

For 31 years now, the Children’s Support League has raised money for East Bay agencies that serve children in need, by spearheading the annual Heart of the Home tour in Piedmont and the Oakland Hills. In that time, the organization has raised over 4 million dollars, distributed via grants to over 100 local service organizations. Under the motto of “Have fun and do good!,” [...]

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Best Colors for Kitchen with White Cabinets

Interior designers recommend earthy colors for kitchens with white cabinets. These colors have a warm and welcoming feel that makes the cook and visitors feel comfortable. The color should be bright with a blend of different colors on different parts of the kitchen. Kitchen colors serve many purposes; this includes coordinating with the cabinets, reflecting sunlight or light from the bulb, and they also [...]

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Designers’ Favorites: Mead Quin on White Interiors

We recently interviewed a number of prominent Bay Area interior designers on their favorite shades of white for painting interiors. In this post, Mead Quin weighs in. (To return to the introduction and access links to other designers' interviews, click here.) Interior Designer Mead Quin Mead Quin, Emeryville ( All White by Farrow and Ball, and Simply White by Benjamin Moore How [...]

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