Arana Craftsman Painters Now Offers Wood Stains and Varnishes

By Catherine Baldi, Principal, Arana Craftsman Painters

Oakland, California - Arana Craftsman Painters has announced that the new service and said that it would cover various interior elements from stair risers, balustrades to windows and doors. In addition, stains and varnishes will also be added to exterior elements like doors, decks, windows and shingles. Staining according to the company and in the opinion of many experts helps to reveal the beauty of natural elements like wood.

Arana Craftsman Painters specializes in restoring mainly wood elements that help rejuvenate the home to its former glory. Whether it is wood, exterior decorative wood, or interior craftsman trip, the company has professionals who strip the material back to the grain to try to save what’s possible.

Unknown to many people, wood restoration is labor-intensive and yet skillful work that involves the use of many materials to prevent and stop the rot. Also, fillers are used to repair damaged sections. Usually, stains and varnishes can end up being a lot more expensive, more as compared to the traditional preparation. However, it can help people save thousands of dollars needed for replacing sections. Also, many people are choosing restoration because it is environmentally sustainable.

Many homes across the Bay Area have been built using high-quality wood from the original forest that once existed in the area. Restoring that wood infuses the home with new beauty and life.

Readers can find out more about the company’s new stains and varnishes services at

“Wood has many colorful undertones, but similar to stone, that color isn’t always something that people get to see until it is wet. Wood, regardless of age, will look dull and often dry until it is professionally varnished to bring out those subtle unique designs and colors to life. Staining and varnishing help to hydrate the wood, highlighting the natural color of that type of wood; that’s why it is one of the most popular processes.” Said a representative for Arana Craftsman Painters.

About Arana Craftsman Painters

The company provides a string of commercial and residential services, which include Stains and Varnishes. As Craftsman Painters, the company’s professionals will strip a surface down to the bare essentials to build them back more beautiful. The company also provides clients with a 5-year written guarantee protecting their investment from cracking, bubbling and peeling of paint or varnish. Serving Oakland, Piedmont, Alameda, Berkeley, Orinda, Lafeyette, San Francisco.


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